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There are a huge number of sports collectors from all over the world. Sports collectors often differ very little when it comes to collecting. Some will collect any item from a specific sport, a specific player or team while some will collect one kind of item regardless of the source. Some people collect jerseys regardless of the player scribbled at the back of it while some will collect anything related to their favorite player, say Kobe Bryant.

One of the oldest and most popular sports collectible is the basketball card. The beauty of basketball cards is that you can buy a pack for a regular price and be lucky to get one of the rarest cards you can find. But of course, just like any other collectible item the older and rarer the card, the more valuable it becomes. Yes, a new series of cards will be very valuable but not as valuable as an older series card. For example, a Kobe Bryant rookie card can get you 100 dollars but a Magic Johnson or Larry Bird rookie card can get you 500 dollars or even more than 1000 dollars. One sure way to increase the market value of a basketball card is to have it signed. Autographed Basketball Cards can double, triple, or even quintuple the value of the card depending on the rarity of the card and extent of difficulty of having it signed. This can be very true for Basketball cards autographed in the 1950s or 1960s. Signed basketball cards of players who are hall of famers or players who have passed away can also be very valuable.

Basketball card autograph is one of the best ways to increase the value of a basketball card. While some basketball card manufacturers release signed series of cards, cards signed by the actual players and not printed often fetch more money when sold to other collectors.

In the US, basketball ranks the highest amongst team sports. There is awareness about this game right from the high school. Students compete to be selected in their school teams. National Basketball Association conducts annual competitions, which are broadcast on television channels, and people sit glued to their television sets while these matches are in progress. Those who live in the cities where such matches are played buy season tickets at exorbitant rates to watch these matches being played live at the stadiums. This craze for the game has prompted the sports organizers such as National Basketball Association and manufacturers of sports goods to introduce various types of memorabilia that would serve as the reminder of the particular game or event. There are many such things related to basketball that are introduced at such times. The list includes basketball cards, basketball shoes, basketball jerseys, etc. Leading players in the team sign such products. Such Autographed basketball cards, autographed basketball shoes, autographed basketball jerseys, etc., are sold, and eventually they become collectibles.

Signed basketball cards that are introduced by NBA command good price from collectors. Some of these cards like the Fleer Michael Jordan (1986-87) is a hot favorite amongst collectors of such rookie cards. Estimated value of these cards as of now is about $6,500. Many companies had printed such trading cards. Collectors favor the cards from companies like Upper Deck, and Topps. Releases from Fleer are obviously one of the most in demand. Likewise, Topps 1980-81 Larry bird and Magic Johnson are also coveted items. Another favorite set is that of Topps Chrome (1996-97) Kobe Bryant. This one in particular deserves a mention because very few of these cards were printed. Such cards have the player's profile, and their picture, apart from their achievement. Kobe has almost 35 such cards to his credit. Autographed basketball cards obviously carry much more value than other cards that are not autographed.

Autographed Basketball Cards